Ideally suited to automotive wheel facility, the ACI-Canefco chip melting system provides in-house recycling of scrap turnings with close to 100% melt yield while maintaining an environmentally friendly instillation.

The ability of a chip melter to melt without large metal loss due to the production of dross is dependant on the ability of the charge well to submerge chips as quickly as possible after reaching the molten metal surface. By utilizing a proprietary vortex system, the ACI-Canefco chip melter ensures the chips are immediately submerged before oxides can form.

A high efficiency drying and process system prepares the chips for melting. The process system starts at the end of the chip collection system. From this point, the chips are crushed to ensure consistent sizing and density. Next, a centrifugal wringer separates most of the coolant and oils from the chips. The chips are dried in a rotary dryer that minimizes the oxide production while heating the chips. Chips discharging the dryer are hot enough to eliminate smoke during melting and to maximize melt rate. Emissions are kept extremely low due to the complete drying of the chips and the incineration of evaporated coolant and oils.

2,500 lb/hr chip processing system

Chip melting system, 6mt holding furnace

Vortex charge well