ACI-Canefco offers a modern concept in the homogenizing of aluminum billet. Our design utilizes a non-baffled, high velocity, horizontal air flow directed by an aerodynamically designed roof to ensure equal velocity through the entire charge. A 9 diameter billet charge reaches soak temperature in 3 to 3.5 hours. Automatic pressure control maintains a positive pressure within the chamber to ensure uniformity and the highest efficiency.


PLC based automation provides sophisticated, multi-segment ramp/soak recipes for temperature control utilizing real time heat head calculations to ensure the fastest possible heating rates. Controlled cooling within the furnace chamber is available for specialty alloys. State-of-the-art PC based SCADA applications are integrated into the control system for historical logging of processes parameters.

Cooling chambers feature high volume air quench or optional stepped type cooling, providing cooling rates in excess of 700o F/hr in the first hour of cooling.

With capacities up to 200,000#, with fully automated load building systems, ACI-Canefco offers a high throughput, efficient installation with low operating costs and superior end product quality.

Continuous Homogenizing Plants

140,000 lb capacity homogenizing center with rotating type charging machine.

High performance cooler with reversing airflow.