ACI-Canefco specializes in roller hearth and pusher type solution heat treat lines for the automotive industry. Included in the many features are inner doors for cold load isolation, quick transfer discharge equipment for fast effective quenching and stainless steel inner construction for longer life. Utilizing a high convection design, ACI-Canefco is able to offer equipment that meets the most stringent uniformity needs. Cross transfer carriages can be incorporated to facilitate U-shaped instillations.

ACI-Canefco implements state-of-the-art PLC based control systems to provide accurate temperature and product tracking capabilities. PC driven SCADA applications are offered when required for historical data logging.

In addition to automotive wheels, ACI-Canefco designs and manufactures solution heat treat equipment with sand removal for engine blocks, cylinders heads and intake manifolds.

Heat treat line with robotic arm for loading and unloading wheels.

Tilting table rotates wheels for quench water drainage.

95 wheels per hour solution heat treat line for cast aluminum wheels.

240 wheels per hour solution heat treat line for forged aluminum wheels.