ACI-Canefco designs and manufactures Industrial Process Air Heaters for various process applications with capacities ranging from as little as 0.5 MM BTU/HR to over 300 MM BTU/HR, in both 'Indirect fired' and 'Direct fired' formats.

Pre-assembled Natural Gas Fired air heater with Vortometric burner, shown complete with mixing chamber, tempering air inlet, gas valve trains and combustion fan. The control panel is shown in the foreground.

ACI-Canefco Process Air Heaters are completely packaged with burners and controls and offer the convenience of pre-wired and pre-piped assembly. All equipment is designed and built to CGA/IRI / NFPA/FM and other standards. Low NOx systems with Flue Gas Recirculation, Air-Fuel Staging or Steam Injection are also supplied on request.